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Latest Sermon

The Bible - Read it & Study it

Rusty Hedger | November 27, 2016

We have many amazing things that we often neglect to read the owners manual to know how it should be used. Why in the world would we as Christians neglect the Bible, God's word, when it has the power to teach, reprove, correct, and train us in all ...

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One Big Mess

Daniel Robbins | November 21, 2016

Start: Read Matthew Chapter 1 One Big Mess: We just read through the genealogy of Jesus Christ according to Matthew as we start this book.  I know how quickly I tend ...

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The Olympics, a boy's dream, and true hope!

Daniel Robbins | August 10, 2016

I heard a DJ this morning on the radio attempting to share an encouraging story about her son, most likely brought on by the Olympics going on right now.  He had ...

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