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Blackbox International

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PO Box 188  |  Joplin, MO 64802   |   417-208-9380      www.blackboxinternational.org

 Blackbox International seeks to bring healing to boys who have been rescued out of trafficking through holistic aftercare. Blackbox, a not-for-profit, was created to establish a model of care that provides hope for these boys. As a Christ-centered organization, Blackbox seeks to help these boys find healing from their past, joy in their present and hope for their future.

There is significance to the name Blackbox. Often, justice work leads to a intervention and rescue, a time when protection for a survivor is critical. The rescued, need to move from exploitation into safety - their identity and location covered by the dark of night, a blurry image, the equivalent of a black box.   Behind that box is a story and the story must change.

Tragically, there is little help or hope for victimized boys anywhere on the planet. Blackbox International was created to change that. We believe that healing is not only possible, but that it MUST be an option for these boys.

 Holistic Aftercare—Blackbox seeks to bring healing to boys rescued out of sex trafficking through holistic aftercare. We began this critical work in the Dominican Republic and continue to provide care for boys in our safe-home. We are learning from this first initiative and developing a model community that can be reproduced globally.

Counseling—Counseling is key when it comes to helping boys rescued from sex trafficking. A team of professionals designed the first therapeutic curriculum for trafficked boys. They chose Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(TF-CBT). This therapy reduces the negative physical, mental and emotional consequences of the trauma and allows a person to move forward. For our boys, this helps their trauma become a part of their history, not the defining event in their lives.