At Logan Christian Church, we place a high priority on engaging people so as to impact lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Serving, not only helps build relationships and further the kingdom of God, but also helps spiritually to sanctify us in Christ's likeness. 

We believe that every Christian is called to further the Gospel and use their gifts and abilities to edify others and glorify God.

There are several ways to serve in various ministries at Logan Christian Church.  We organize our service opportunities through seven key Impact Areas with multiple ministry teams in each area.  

The unique impact areas are designed to effectively help our church reach out, with the gospel, to serve the church, the community, and the world.

Our Impact Areas, led by our Deacons and others from our congregation, and our Ministry Teams are listed below. Each one's leader and contact information is included to help you connect and serve. 

We encourage you to check out the multiple ways to get involved in an impact area, then contact the impact area or ministry team leader, and begin serving! 


This area coordinates the opportunities we provide for teaching,
learning, and growing in our journeys with Christ.

Impact Area Leader:  Jerry Matheny
Phone:  712-644-2721  Email:

The Sunday School ministry plans classes, programs, and events as well as recruiting and training all workers for our education opportunities on Sundays.
Ministry Team Leader:  Elders
This ministry team organizes leaders and hosts for providing small groups, usually meeting in homes, for adults build relationships and grow in knowledge as they live life with Jesus.
Ministry Team Leader:  Rusty Hedger -
The church Library has been recently reorganized and painted.  We have NEW materials for adults, youth, and kids alike.  Our Librarian is available on most Sunday and will periodicaly having special reading times for kids.  The Library is always open whether the librarian is in or not. Enjoy & Learn!

This area serves through providing care, upkeep, improvements, and use of
our church property throughout the year.

Impact Area Leaders:  JAY STRAIGHT -  ;  
                                             MIKE COLLINS -

The Decoration & Design ministry team plans and oversees decorations for regular and special seasons and events, as well as, coordinate the colors and designs throughout the Logan Christian Church building and brand.

Ministry Team Leader:  N/A
The emergency preparedness ministry team evaluates and helps develop plans for church readiness in the event of emergency situations.

Ministry Team Leader:  Kevin Killpack –  

This ministry looks after the regular cleaning and of our facilities to insure they are ready for the many uses throughout the week/year.


This area ministers by helping the church family serve one another during special needs and times, as well as, coordinating events that help us engage with one another.

Impact Area Leader:  JAY HEIM -

The encouragement committee coordinates monthly and periodic ministry programs to offer encouragement and support to the members of the church and community.
Ministry Team Leader:  Norm and Marlene Collins -

This ministry team helps plan and/or organize periodic events that involve the church family in time together, especially involving meals.
Ministry Team Leader:  Kevin Killpack -

The Care in Loss ministry team coordinates volunteers to serve luncheons at the church following a funeral. They provide care and love for families experiencing loss through providing a meal & meeting needs during such difficult times.


This area serves through the coordinating and communicating of various opportunities we engage in locally and around the world for the spreading of the grace and truth of Jesus.

Impact Area Leader:  Ron Koenig
Phone: (712) 644-2333  Email:

The missions ministry team has oversight of the communication, presentation, and partnership we as a church have with missionaries and needs around the world. For further information check out the Global Missions page. 

Ministry Team Leader:  
Jean Koenig -
This ministry team coordinates our response to periodic and regular needs of individuals and organizations in our community and local area, such as food pantry, coat/clothing drives, nursing home resident encouragement, etc.

Ministry Team Leader:  Jean Koenig -

The benevolence ministry reviews and responds to the requests/needs of those in our community.

Ministry Team Leader:
Rusty Hedger -
This ministry team uses the talents of those involved to prepare quilts, blankets, etc. for sharing with those in our community at special times of celebration and/or struggles.

Ministry Team Leader:  Rose McCarty - ;  
                                          Jill Divelbess - 



This area serves through oversight of the opportunities, events and training provided  to help us share the
grace and truth of Jesus with our community.


Impact Area Leader:  William Harlan
Phone712-216-2305  Email  

The evangelism ministry plans and coordinates special events & programs which help equip and involve the congregation in community outreach and the sharing of God's good news.

Ministry Team Leader:  Kelly Hutson -


This team organizes service projects around our community for involvement of the congregation on a single day.  The service projects are of physical, nonphysical, and spiritual ministry.  

By joining in this one day a year event, with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we hope to engage our community with the Gospel by acts of service done because of Christ and His love for us.

Ministry Team Leader:  
John and Kim Armstrong -

Men's Ministry:
This ministry team plans events and ministry opportunities directed to specifically help men in their journey with Jesus, such as the annual Golf Outing, Father/Son events, Men's study groups, etc.
Ministry Team Leader:  Kelly Hutson -
The Nest is a place where families involved in foster care are able to come for support and recieve assistance in providing for the needs of the children for which they care.  The Nest provides clothing an life essentials for foster families.
Ministry Team Leader:   Dawn Hedger -
This ministry team is always stitching together a way to help someone in need.  Whether they are sewing blankets for newborns, quilts for shut-ins, or creating medical supplies for missions they are always sewing and would love to have more ladies who love to sew join them!
Ministry Team Leader:   Rose McCarty -
Women's Ministry:
This ministry team plans events and ministry opportunities directed to specifically help women in their journey with Jesus, such as the weekly Mom's Unite, Mother's Day events, Women's study groups, etc.
Ministry Team Leader:   Lynn Killpack -

This area serves through recruiting and training individuals and providing resources necessary for our regular and special worship services/events.

Impact Area Leader:  JIM ETTLEMAN
Phone(402) 510-8696    


Our Communications Ministry Team facilitates all information sharing/updating between Impact Areas, Ministry Teams, Church members, and regular attenders, by managing all forms communication.  i.e. Website, Mobile app, email etc.
The communion ministry team organizes volunteers to help with communion, offering, and other service roles needed when we gather together in worship.
first impressions:
The first impressions ministry team helps to make anyones experience at LCC wonderful one!  Their goal is to represent Jesus Christ by engaging and welcoming guests, regular attenders, as well as members and helping in answering any questions you may have!
The prayer ministry team helps us grow in our relationship with God through planning prayer events.  Such events are intended to encourage each other in knowing God through the power of prayer in our lives.
Ministry Team Leader:  Eldership
Tech Ministry:
The Tech Ministry Team helps to providing a distraction free environment and assist in the worship experience by facilitation and management of all the audio and visual components throughout the church building.
Worship team:
The Worship Ministry Team assists our church on Sunday mornings in singing praise, proclamation, and adoration to the only true God.  By utilizing their musical gift and abilities, the Word of God, and prayer, the worship team seeks to deeply worship God each week during our gatherings.
Ministry Team Leader:  Daniel Robbins -

This area serves through organizing the study, fellowship, events, and leadership
development for the youth of our church family and community.

Impact Area Leader:  BOB MORTON
Phone(712) 644-2174    

This ministry team provides teaching and activities for Pre-School through 4th grade youth during the Sunday morning 2nd worship service. This is every week except, Family Worship Sunday, the first Sunday of each month.
Ministry Team Leader: Austin Ettleman -
This ministry plans programing, recruits volunteers, and runs the weekly after school program for grade school youth that runs during the school year.

Ministry Team Leader:  Austin Ettleman -
The nursery ministry team organizes the volunteers and needs for ministry to our babies, toddlers, and their families.

Ministry Team Leader:  Molly Green -

This ministry team coordinates the investment in Junior and Senior high aged students lives through "The Point" Wednesday night programming, Sunday school, Trips and Opportunities, Camp Nebowa, and regular Sunday morning involvement of students.
Ministry Team Leader: Austin Ettleman -
This ministry organizes, recruits and carries out the week of study, activities and great fun for pre-school to 5th grade youth at the beginning of each summer, usually around late May.

Ministry Team Leader:  Jean Koenig -