Community Groups

We believe that God created us male and female in his own image to know him, love him, live with him, and glorify him.  We are created and intended for relationship with God and with others. (Genesis 1:27)

Therefore, we see Community Groups as an essential part of every Christian's life.  We desire for all people to be actively involved in a Community Group to grow and be transformed by the gospel.


Equipped Class

What is Equipped?

Equipped is an 8 week community group leader training class intended to "equip" people to actively participate and lead a community group.

In this class we learn together about being involved in and leading a community group.  We cover topics from, “How to lead a discussion”, "How to build community spiritually and relationally", to the importance of "genuine fellowship" in a believer’s life.  We discuss the theological understanding of community groups and focus on how to be a gospel centered community.

Who should take equipped?

Equipped is intended to teach and develop people into community group leaders, but not everyone who takes Equipped will, or is expected to, become a community group leader.  

Hopefully, all who do, will grow and be better equipped to be instruments of growth in each other’s lives as we walk together toward Christ likeness.

When is Equipped?

Equipped classes will be taught periodically as the need arises to equip new Community Group Leaders.  Sign up if you are interested in this training.